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 Supporting Artist,

 Currently studying acting techniques: Evolved By Chekov.


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 UK Cockney

 UK English



 TV - 2012 - Southcliffe Villager

 TV - 2012 - Southcliffe local resident

 TV - 2012 - Southcliffe burger vendor

 TV - 2014 - Company Director - pilot TV show, Charlotte Mane


 FILM - 2012 - The Worlds End, Stand in double for Nick Holder

 FILM - 2013 - Muppets 2, German tourist

 FILM - 2013 - Snow in Paradise, Gangster in resturant

 FILM - 2013 - Frank Slasher, sleasy solicitor

 FILM - 2013 - Whiplash Dreams, Barbeque guest

 FILM - 2014 - Guardians Of The Galaxy, Prisoner in outerspace

 FILM - 2014 - Suffragette, Man at window - Gillerd production.


 SHORT - 2013 - Del Boy, Only Fools and Horses - Full dialogue short film for Greenwish university


 COMMERCIAL - 2013 - Paddy Power Commercial

 COMMERCIAL - 2013 - Natwest Commercial

 COMMERCIAL - 2013 -  Coca Cola Commercial (featured)

 COMMERCIAL - 2014 - Racecource punter, Vodaphone Ireland - Grey Films


 DOCUMENTARY - 2013 -The Argo Story, John Chambers, World Media Rights










I was born in Greenwich, South East London in 1950.

As it was only 5 years after World War 2, we didn't have a lot when we were growing up but me and my older sister were always happy kids (this was pre Computers/Calcultors/Mobile Phones and even TV)

 One of my earliest memories from this time was sitting on on the Arms Houses wall when I was 3 years old in 1953, to watch the band coming our of Greenwich station on coronation day.

I went to James Wolfe Primary School and then went on to Charlton Secondary School (next to Harveys) in 1962 - now both flattened for Supermarkets.




Some things did go well and somethings didn't; in 1972 I joined P&O and went to sea on the SS Oronsay as a utility steward, any one who knows what that is knows that it is hard work! but being a lad with not many prospects I was sailing around the world and ended up in Australia where I decided to stay.

While living in Australia I did various jobs (as you do) and finally came back to sunny South East London in 1980, at the time Mini Cabbing was a big business so I started doing that and really enjoyed myself!

 During this time I met a women and we had two wonderful daughters, Paige and Shelley, who at the moment are and are having fun and doing their own thing.


I got into being a supporting artist and had a few lines to speak on one of my auditions, this is where i met a director who is into Chekov, I am currently at his drama academy studying acting techniques Evolved by Chekov ..... to be continued!